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A phenomenon occurs when using the trenching bit and countermeasures

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A phenomenon occurs when using the trenching bit and countermeasures

After decades of rapid development, wheeled trencher bits have become an important tool for speeding up and increasing efficiency in the drilling industry. Compared with the traditional cone drill bit, the wheeled trencher bit has advantages in cost, machinery, and equipment when drilling into shale strata with oil-based drilling fluid. The mechanical drilling speed and feed rate of single bit are obvious, and the advantage is even more obvious when drilling deep and high-pressure wells. In recent years, we have introduced various production equipment and testing equipment, and have a fully equipped workshop, CNC machine tools, welding equipment, and various testing machines. Our company has an annual production capacity of 2 million drill bits to meet the needs of our global customers.

Here is the content list:

  • Mud pack of wheeled trencher drill bit

  • One of the solutions for this phenomenon

Mud pack of wheeled trencher drill bit

During the mining process, the phenomenon of wheeled trencher bit mud pack often occurs, one of the reasons is the drilling fluid performance factor. The density, inhibition, lubricity, and solid content of drilling fluid will have an important impact on the mud pocket of the drill bit. When the drilling fluid density is high and the water loss is high, the solid phase particles in the wellbore are easily adsorbed on the wellbore wall, forming rough and thick mud pockets; poor inhibition of the drilling fluid will lead to the formation of clay minerals. Poor lubrication of drilling fluid cannot effectively protect the drill bit, resulting in harmful solid phases in the drilling fluid easily adsorbed on the drill bit; when the solid phase content in the drilling fluid is too high, rock debris at the bottom of the well cannot be removed in time and easily adheres to the surface of the wheeled trencher bit.

One of the solutions for this phenomenon

To prevent mud pockets on the drill bit, a functional coating can be prepared on the surface of the wheeled trencher bit. There are two main types of coatings in common use: one is a coating that prevents mud pocketing by creating a small negative potential on the drill bit surface to inhibit the adsorption of negatively charged drill chips onto the surface of the chain trencher bit. The other type of coating prevents mud pocketing by reducing the surface energy to reduce the adsorption of chips on the drill bit, mainly including reinforced PTFE and other fluoropolymer coatings.

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