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Analysis of the reasons for the wheel trencher bit mud bag

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Analysis of the reasons for the wheel trencher bit mud bag

After decades of rapid development, the wheel trencher bit has become an important tool for speed-up and efficiency improvement in the drilling industry. Compared with a traditional wheel-cone bit, the wheel trencher bit cooperates with the oil-based drilling fluid to drill shale formations in terms of cost, machinery, and equipment. The ROP and the footage of a single bit have obvious advantages, and the advantages are even more obvious when drilling deep wells and high-pressure wells. So what is the reason for the analysis of the wheel trencher bit mud bag? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content list:

l Geological factors

l Drilling fluid performance factors

l Engineering technical factors

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Geological factors

When the upper part of the wheel trencher bit exploration stratum is a soft mudstone stratum with poor lithology, the cuttings easily adhere to the drill bit, and the mud bag is formed after repeated compaction during the drilling process; the clay mineral content in some strata high, easy to hydrate and decompose, causing pollution to the drilling fluid, greatly increasing the content of harmful solids in the drilling fluid, and adhering to the surface of the drill bit to form a mud bag; if the wheel trencher bit encounters a formation with high permeability, the pressure difference under the action, a large number of rock cuttings and harmful solids that are not carried out in time in the wellbore are easily adsorbed on the good wall to form a virtual thick mud cake.

Drilling fluid performance factors

The density, inhibition, lubricity, and solids content of the drilling fluid will all have an important influence on the mud bag of the drill bit. When the density of the drilling fluid is high and the water loss is large, the solid phase particles in the wellbore are easily adsorbed on the wellbore wall to form a rough and thick mud cake; the poor inhibition of the drilling fluid will lead to the formation of clay minerals.

Hydration and decomposition are difficult to control effectively; the poor lubricating properties of the drilling fluid cannot effectively protect the drill bit, causing the harmful solid phase in the drilling fluid to be easily adsorbed on the drill bit; when the solid phase content in the drilling fluid is too high, the bottom hole rocks chips cannot be removed in time, and are easily adhered to the surface of the wheel trencher bit.

Engineering technical factors

The displacement of the Chain trencher bit is too small to flush the bottom hole and the drill bit in a timely and effective manner. At the same time, the circulation speed of the drilling fluid is too slow and the rock-carrying capacity is insufficient, so the cuttings cannot be carried out in a timely and effective manner, resulting in the long-term retention of the cuttings. In the well, it is easy to adhere to the good wall to form a virtual thick mud cake, especially when the cuttings are generated at a high speed. The weight on the bit is an important parameter that affects the ROP. The speed is proportional to the WOB, but in the process of drilling in soft mudstone formations, if the Auger bits pressure is too large, the drilling is unevenly delivered or the drilling is stuck, the Auger bits speed slows down and blindly increases the WOB, etc. The contact area between the drill bit and the formation increases so that the drill bit is quickly mud-packed; the long open-hole section is not cycled during the tripping process, so that the thick mud cake on the good wall is not washed away in time after being scraped off by the drill bit, and accumulates under the drill bit. After being compacted, the mud bag of the drill bit is caused; when the drilling is blocked, the pump is forced down without turning on the pump, which will also lead to the accumulation of mud cakes and cause mud bag of the drill bit; Direct contact with the formation will also cause the bit mud bag. When the mud pump fails, the pump efficiency is too low, or the drill bit is dry due to the puncture of the drilling tool, the drill bit cannot be effectively hydraulically cleaned, which leads to the occurrence of mud bag phenomenon; the quality of the wellbore is unqualified during the drilling process, resulting in the rate of change of the good depth and full angle. If it is too large, during the tripping process, the wheel trencher bit is close to the good wall, causing the bit mud bag.

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