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Do you know the knowledge of Forestry mulcher teeth?

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Do you know the knowledge of Forestry mulcher teeth?

It has high performance in cutting and covering vegetation and grass. Forestry mulcher teeth suitable for skid-type loaders, multi-terrain loaders, and compact crawler loaders can show excellent performance in cutting and chopping vegetation and grass in forest terrain. Hydraulic topsoil loosening machine decomposes saplings, shrubs, and trees into root protection materials, which is an ideal choice for environmental protection, such as creating fire belts. Other applications include land reclamation, clearing branches and leaves on construction sites, and chopping trimmed materials and organic wastes for biomass production. The existing topsoil loosening machine mainly uses a plurality of machine teeth to directly contact the soil and loosen the topsoil. As soon as possible, most of the soil is soft soil, but some of it is hard soil, and the general soil is mixed with block stones, etc., so Forestry mulcher teeth need a certain hardness.

Here is the content list:

Characteristics of forestry mulcher teeth.

A Forestry mulcher teeth comprises a wedge-shaped block-shaped metal body, the upper surface of which is a wedge-shaped inclined plane which inclines upward from one side to the other, and the upper sharp corner of the wedge-shaped inclined plane is provided with an inward-inclined embedded connecting groove, in which at least two hard alloy blocks which are symmetrically arranged left and right and have sharp corners are embedded; The bottom surface of the metal body is set as an assembly surface with triangular concave through grooves, and the middle of the assembly surface is provided with a positioning hole vertical to the bottom surface; The middle of the embedding groove is also embedded with a block-shaped middle hard alloy block whose head is also pointed with the left and right hard alloy blocks, and three obliquely upward independent sharp corners are formed at the sharp corners on the upper side of the wedge-shaped inclined plane of the metal body; A convex trapezoidal square is arranged in the middle of the wedge-shaped inclined plane corresponding to the positioning hole, and a large circular hole concentric with the positioning hole is arranged on the bottom surface of the metal body at the periphery of the positioning hole; It has the characteristics of reasonable structural design, convenient installation and fixation, strong wear resistance and fastness, long service life, reduced use cost and improved work efficiency.

Advantages of rock crusher teeth for FAE machine.

1. Weldable steel is suitable for covering large areas!

2. Carbide content provides longer life and higher impact durability than other forms of carbide!

3. Protects blocks, saves downtime, and prolongs life when used on: First, the sides of base plates on Chain Trenchers. Second, the sides of segments on Rock Wheels. Third, the clean-out paddles on Terrain Levelers, Road Miners, Rock Hawgs, and Surface Miners.

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