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Motor grader and ripper

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Motor grader and ripper

The present invention provides a grader scarifier bit and its ripper. The ripper includes a rack, ripper teeth, and a fastening device. The bits for ice and snow removal are movably arranged on the rack in an axial direction and are operated by The fastening device is fixed. The ripper of the present invention can automatically adjust the placement position of the ripper's teeth according to the actual working conditions, and can also increase or reduce the number of ripper's teeth within the total width of the rack. Some special working conditions are extremely suitable, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

Here is the content list:

l Fastening device for grader ripper drill bit

l Ripper device

l Design of broken soil loosening device


Fastening device for grader ripper drill bit

The grader scarifier bit provides a land grader and a tightening device for soil looser. The device comprises a first pull rod, the first end of the first pull rod is directly or indirectly arranged on the grinder frame, the second end of the first pull rod is provided with a thread; The second pull rod, the first end of the second pull rod is directly or indirectly arranged on the main body of the soil loosening device, the second end of the second pull rod is provided with a thread; The two ends of the threaded part are respectively connected with the second end of the first pull rod and the second end of the second pull rod. The utility model can realize the change of the preloading force between the first tie rod and the second tie rod by rotating the screw thread in different directions, and has the advantages of large adjusting range, convenient use, and cost-saving.

Ripper device

The grader scarifier bit provides a rock tunnel scarifier, including scarifier ontology, described scarifier, including installation of ontology base scarifier subject and alloy scarification teeth, described scarifier subject set at the top of the mounting base, described scarifier main body has the hydraulic cylinder is installed inside, the hydraulic oil cylinder through a hydraulic cylinder installation within the scarifier subject, mentioned in a hydraulic oil cylinder is set in one side of the living Scarifier described plug rod, a body set up a bit box installed, as described in the bit installation Settings have a hole on the bottom of the box, bit box installation through-hole is described a set in the one on the piston rod, described scarifier free still set inside the body cavity, described in the cavity has a hydraulic oil cylinder is installed inside two, described scarifier subject with scarification teeth on the top of the set installation, described in the alloy scarification have concave tooth set And the alloy soil loosening tooth is installed on the soil loosening tooth mounting seat through the groove. The bit for ice and snow removal has the advantages of reasonable design, diverse functions, high efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Design of broken soil loosening device

This grader scarifier bit introduces the basic uses and working objects of the soil looser analyze the characteristics of the traditional soil looser and the broken soil looser in normal operation and study the problems that are easy to occur in the normal operation of the broken soil looser. This paper puts forward the design requirements of the crushing type loosening device, analyzes the structure design of the main components of the crushing type loosening device, and the design method of the hydraulic control system, which provides the theoretical basis for the development of the crushing type loosening device.

Today, the grader scarifier bit has been well developed. And the intelligence of grader scarifier bits is very high, and gradually tends to the unification of international standards. Therefore, different vehicles can integrate different grader scarifier bits from different suppliers. Whether it is a rubber sheet, RUIAN FLY MACHINE PARTS CO., LTD grader scarifier bit is an ideal choice.



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