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Operate Road Milling Bit correctly to get the best results

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Operate Road Milling Bit correctly to get the best results

Road Milling Bits are installed in the milling drum of a milling machine to cut the pavement. There are two types of drills, asphalt drills, and concrete drills. Different drill bits are used for different pavement hardness to save costs. The drill never stops working and uses the top of the tungsten carbide to mill the road. The following is an introduction to the road milling bits.

Here is the content list:

  • What Road Milling Bit can do for you

  • Proper operation of Road Milling Bit

  • Some other things about the Road Milling Bit

What Road Milling Bit can do for you

Road milling bits are mainly used to treat concrete floors, clean up cement floating slurry, and level hair before concrete floors are resurfaced with concrete. Road milling bits are also used to clean up hard dust in building construction. Concrete milling and planing machines are used in the following areas: milling and grinding of the surface of high-speed railroad box girders, milling and leveling of super-high zone floor slabs; cutting and processing of the waterproof layer of cement concrete bridge decks, and various road renovation chiseling processes.

Proper operation of Road Milling Bit

The cutting edge should be flush with the surface of the grinding wheel. Before grinding the bit, the main cutting edge of the bit and the grinding wheel surface must be placed on a level surface. That is, when the insert touches the surface of the grinding wheel, the entire insert must be ground. This is the first step in the position of the drill bit about the grinding wheel. The position is slowly placed towards the grinding wheel surface. The axis of the road milling bit must be inclined at 60° to the grinding wheel surface. This angle is the front angle of the Road milling bit. If the angle is not correct, it will directly affect the size of the drill tip, the shape of the main cutting edge, and the inclination of the cross-cutting edge. After the cutting edge touches the grinding wheel, grind backward from the main cutting edge, i.e. from the cutting edge of the Road milling bit to the grinding wheel, and then grind slowly along the entire backside. This is the standard drill grinding action. The main cutting edge should be swung up and down on the grinding wheel. This means that the hand holding the front drill bit should oscillate the double curved residual chord of the drill bit evenly up and down on the grinding wheel surface.

Some other things about the Road Milling Bit

Road milling bits can be made white by fine grinding. The high quality is due to the strict quality control in the grinding process in addition to the material itself. Black is a nitride drill, which is a chemical method to improve the durability of the tool by placing the finished tool in a mixture of ammonia and water vapor and holding it at a temperature of 540~560C°. Most of the road milling bits on the market today are only made black (to hide the burn or black skin on the surface of the tool), but the actual use effect has not been effectively improved.

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