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Principles and features of the forestry mulcher teeth

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Principles and features of the forestry mulcher teeth

At present, China's timber forests are mainly planted forests. The rotation period of plantations in southern China is short. The rotation period of eucalyptus plantations widely planted in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, and other provinces is 5-7 years, and some of them are shortened to 3 years in Zhanjiang. In China, the degree of mechanization of forest harvesting is low, and the main tools used are axes, hand saws, oil saws, etc. This kind of forest harvesting method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, not only with heavy physical labor but also with low efficiency and high cost, especially with hidden dangers in production safety. Therefore, providing a self-propelled logging and stacking machine will greatly improve the efficiency of logging, and operators can also log and stack in a safe and comfortable cab. With the improvement of the overall technical level of China's forest engineering equipment, forestry gradually realizes mechanized logging. Self-propelled logging machines will become an important tool for logging operations, and the combined logging machine similar to the forestry mulcher teeth or other forms that adapt to China's national conditions will become the main force of forest logging.

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Principle of the forestry mulcher teeth

A machine for cutting and stacking trees with a crawler or wheeled skidding tractor, excavator, or loader as chassis. There are two types: joint arm and short axial moment. The former is crawler-type or installed on the chassis of four-wheel-drive articulated steering, and the engine is located at the rear (referring to a wheeled articulated tractor). And the joint arm cab is installed on the turntable or swivel ring or the base. Some turntables have hydraulic leveling devices to ensure a flat working platform when working on slopes. At the end of the joint arm, there is a logging head, which is equipped with logging shears, disk milling cutters, or chain saws, used to cut off trees and lift them off the ground, and turn them into piles in a predetermined backward direction. This kind of machine can cut trees with a diameter of 45 ~ 50 cm. The latter is a kind of four-wheel-drive non-articulated steering machine. There is a pair of short closed tree-catching arms equipped with logging shears, which can cut trees with a diameter of 35cm and hold 4 ~ 5 small trees before returning to the pile. It completes the stacking operation by moving and rotating the whole machine. Because of its small size and good mobility, it is suitable for thinning the plantation.

Features of the forestry mulcher teeth

The forestry mulcher teeth consist of two parts: the main engine and the logging mechanism. The main engine mostly adopts the chassis of skidding tractors or construction machinery, including joint arm type and short wheelbase chassis type. The logging mechanism is installed at the end of the joint armor hung in front of the frame and can move vertically and horizontally to ensure that trees are cut off close to the ground. Forestry institutions are often called logging heads, and there are several types, such as shearing type, chain saw type, circular saw type, and milling cutter type, all of which are hydraulically driven. Shear logging head is the earliest one, which can be divided into double cutters and single cutters (double cutters are widely used), and the cutters driven by hydraulic cylinders cut trees, also known as logging shears. It is simple in structure, fast in cutting (it only takes 3 ~ 6 seconds to cut off a tree), reliable in work, and can reduce the height of the stump, but it is easy to cause wood splitting in cutting, especially hardwood and frozen wood. This kind of logging head is mainly used in pulp-cutting areas in North America.

Chain saw logging head can be divided into single cantilever saw and double synchronous saw. The former is widely used. It doesn't split, but its structure is more complicated than that of a shearing logging head. Mainly used in northern Europe and the Soviet Union. The circular saw cutting head has the advantages of the first two kinds of cutting heads and is widely used in Canada. Milling cutter logging head is only used in America. The logging head is equipped with a holding arm to hold the trunk, and when the trees are sawed (cut) off, they can be caught, put down, and piled up. Most of the arms can store 2 ~ 3 trees, so that after several trees are cut down, they can be sent to the pile together, instead of being put back once every tree is cut down, thus improving the production efficiency. The productivity of logging-stacking machines is 120 ~ 200 trees per hour. The FAE teeth replacement is mainly used in medium and small diameter stands with a gentle slope. Since the advent of the feller-buncher teeth quad co replacement, because of its advantages of high efficiency, safety, and reducing labor intensity, it was quickly popularized in some developed countries, and its mechanical structure was constantly improved and developed. To reduce the loss of wood splitting caused by shearing logging heads, the United States developed spherical shears. Canada has developed a circular saw cutting head with replaceable saw teeth. Some companies are developing forestry feller bunchers that can work on steep slopes.

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