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Some notes on the installation and maintenance of the Road Milling Bit

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Some notes on the installation and maintenance of the Road Milling Bit

Today, Road Milling Bits are widely used and in great demand. As an indispensable part of a road surface planer, the Road Milling Bit has certain requirements for its usage and working environment. Only by using the road milling and planing machine bits rationally can the service life of road milling and planing machines be extended. So how do you use a road milling bit?

Here is the content list:

  • Installation and maintenance matters of Road Milling Bit

  • Why you can choose our products with confidence

Installation and maintenance matters of Road Milling Bit

First, slowly lift the road milling bit box and put the four legs of the road milling bit box into the four holes of the bit turntable. According to the specifications of the road milling drill bit, select the corresponding drill box core plate and lift the core plate into the drill box body. Then, put the recesses of the road milling bit to be installed into the drill box corresponding to the protruding tips of the drill box core plate, put the road milling bit into the drill box, and clamp the bit to the center of the turntable. Then screw on the road milling bit, in turn, to connect the nut to the drill rod.

1、Check the road milling cutter for damage and passivation immediately after use, if there is any, it should be sharpened and repaired immediately.

2. When storing, the road milling cutter should be in position. It saves the time of searching for the drill bit when it is used in the future.

3、When drilling through holes, the torque is maximum when the road milling bit is about to drill through. Therefore, lighter pressure is needed to slowly push in to avoid twisting the road milling cutter due to excessive force.

4、The center point must be drilled before drilling the hole. The purpose is to accommodate the static point and prevent the drill bit from touching the bottom.

5、Make full use of cutting and pay attention to chip removal when drilling.

6、When drilling cross holes, drill large diameter holes first and then drill small diameter holes.

Why you can choose our products with confidence

Buyers should pay attention to the quality of road milling bits and the size of the machine used when choosing a milling bit. Choose a good-quality milling drill with a smooth surface, high precision, and reliable quality. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of road milling bits, trench drills, forestry overlay machine teeth, loaders, and other construction machinery parts. Blade tools, foundation bits, mine and tunnel bits, etc. main products. With excellent quality, reasonable price, and reliable reputation, the company has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.

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