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Something about trencher bits

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Something about trencher bits

The Trenching Bit is the main component of the mining equipment and its main function is to break the rock and form the borehole. The rotating bit is driven by the machinery, which drives the whole Trenching Bit to produce a centripetal motion, and cracks and breaks the rock through encroachment and grinding to play the role of downward drilling.

Here is the content list:

  • How does the Trenching Bit work?

  • Drill spin phenomenon and countermeasures

How does the Trenching Bit work?

In the conventional drilling process, the wheeled trencher bit cutting the bottom hole rock is the same as the drilling principle of the machined twist bit, and all cutting teeth (except the spare teeth) are involved in rotary cutting. At the same time. However, in wheeled trencher bits, some teeth on the bit periodically participate in intermittent cutting (even if the cutting of a tooth is not interrupted, at least its cutting state changes periodically), and the cutting thickness is variable. This is no longer "drilling", but a feature of the "milling" process. The drilling process of the drill bit can be considered as a "milling instead of drilling" method. In this particular "milling instead of drilling" method, the working condition of the cutting teeth of the drill presents a certain degree of alternation instead of continuous scraping under ideal drilling conditions; the trajectory of the cutting movement is also determined by the ideal drilling method. The concentric circle trajectory below becomes a spiral trajectory. Observing and analyzing the interaction between the drill bit and the rock at the bottom of the well from the perspective of "milling" can help us to understand the complex motion and cutting mechanics of the chain trencher bit and its cutting teeth in detail.

Drill spin phenomenon and countermeasures

During the drilling process of the wheeled trencher bit, if the bit cyclone occurs, it will cause the unbalanced vibration of the drill bit at the bottom of the well, which will lead to the unbalanced cutting motion or oscillation of the wheeled trencher bit. When the cutting teeth of the drill bit touch the good wall, the cutting teeth will be damaged, the drill bit will accelerate the wear, and the integrity of the core will be damaged, resulting in core plugging and a significant decrease in core quality. So what is the anti-rotation technology of the wheeled trenching bit? One of the important technologies is the application of the corrector. Compared with the wheeled trenching drill, the outer diameter of the corrector is smaller. In the drilling process, the application of the armature can limit the lateral movement of the drill bit, thus reducing the vibration of the drill bit. However, during the drilling process, if a booster is used, the booster can move axially and there is a certain gap between it and the good wall. The increasing diameter of the wellbore aggravates the phenomenon of reversal. Through relevant theoretical research and practical analysis, the lateral vibration of the drill bit can be well controlled and the rotation force of the drill bit can be effectively reduced through the application of the drill bit holder.

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