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Talking about grader scarifier bits

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Talking about grader scarifier bits

In the process of crop planting, it is necessary to turn the earth and level the ground to help the planting and maintenance of crops. The existing grader uses a scraper to level the ground. In the case of relatively hard soil, the scraper is not easy to scrape, and it is easy to damage the scraper, increasing the cost of the ground. So you need a grader scarifier bit, do you know grader scarifier bits?

Here is the content list:

l Technical summary of grader scarifier bits

l The working device of the grader scarifier bit

l Do you know how to use grader scarifier bit?

Technical summary of grader scarifier bits

Grader scarifier bits, a soil loosening device, a soil scraping board, and a deep limiting wheel. The soil loosening device is arranged at the front end of the frame body, the soil scraping board is arranged at the back end of the frame body, the deep limiting wheel is arranged on one side of the rear end of the frame body, and the front end of the frame body is fixedly equipped with a traction frame. The utility model has a simple structure, the tractor traction frame connected with the utility model, walking tractor drive the utility model, scarification device will be harder to soft soil, and then will lose soil, leveling scraper plate limit depth wheel can help enhance the height of the scraper plate, at any time according to different DeKuang scraper plate height adjustment and depth of the adjustment, The utility model is suitable for working on the ground with different ground conditions, and the working efficiency is relatively high, and the scraper of grader scarifier bit is not easy to be damaged, and the maintenance times of the machine are reduced, and the working cost of the ground is reduced.

The working device of the grader scarifier bit

The working device of the grader scarifier bit includes a scraper, looser, and bulldozer, among which the looser and the bulldozer belong to the auxiliary working device.

① scraper. The soil scraping device is mainly composed of a scraper, traction frame, rotary ring, etc., as shown in Fig. 2-29. The scraper is composed of a knife body and a blade. The front end of the traction frame is a spherical hinge, hinged with the front end of the frame, so the traction frame can rotate and swing in any direction around the ball hinge. The rotary ring is supported on the traction frame and can rotate around the traction frame under the drive of the rotary driving device, to drive the scraper to turn freely within 360°.

② soil loosening device. Losers are mainly used to loosen hard soil, remove roots and rocks from the soil, and renovate gravel and gravel surfaces. The soil loosening device is installed on the back of the scraper, mainly composed of rake teeth, rod shaft, safety spring, and so on

Do you know how to use grader scarifier bit?

1. First of all, the shovel Angle of the grader should be adjusted well and the nut should be fixed.

2. Adjust the Angle of the plane Angle, different angles will produce different results.

3. Adjust the side length of the guillotine and adjust different distances according to your own needs.

4. Adjust the tilt of the side lead of the shovel knife, mainly deal with the scraping and carefully adjust.

5. The adjustment of the inclination angle should be in place, otherwise, the use effect of the grader scarifier bit will be affected.

6. Important attention should be paid to safety during the use process of grader scarifier bit to avoid safety accidents.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce an angle steel straightening machine that meets the standards. Ruian Fly Machine Parts Co., Ltd. conducts many tests on grader scarifier bits for connection before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the grader scarifier bits business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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