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Talking about road milling bit

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Talking about road milling bit

After the two cutting edges are polished, there will be a plane at the tip of the two cutting edges, which will affect the center positioning of the bit. It is necessary to champ the Angle behind the blade and grind the plane of the blade tip as small as possible. This is done by standing the drill up at the corner of the grinding wheel and placing a small slot behind the blade towards the tip of the blade. This is the important point of road milling bit Center and flexible cutting. Note that when sharpening the edge tip chamfering, it must not be sharpened to the main cutting edge, which will make the front Angle of the main cutting edge larger and directly affect the drilling. Now let's introduce it.

Here is the content list:

l How to select a road milling bit?

l What affects the accuracy of the drill hole?

l Why do we use road milling bit?

How to select a road milling bit?

Generally, you can read the trademark and diameter tolerance logo on the bit handle. The logo is clear, and the quality of laser or electric corrosion will not be too bad. If it is a word molded, if the edge of the word bulge up, then the quality of the bit is poor, because the bulge of the word outline will lead to the clamping precision of the bit can not meet the requirements, and the word edge is clear, good and the junction of the cylindrical surface of the road milling bit handle is good quality. In addition, we should look at the cutting edge of the bit tip. The cutting edge of the road milling bit is very good, the helical surface meets the requirements, and the quality of the poor back corner surface is very poor.

What affects the accuracy of the drill hole?

Due to the vibration of the road milling bit, the drilled hole is easy to be polygonal, and there are lines like a circular line on the hole wall. Common polygonal holes are triangular or pentagonal. The reason for the triangular hole is that there are two rotary centers of the drill bit when drilling, and they vibrate at a frequency of 600 per interval. The main reason for vibration is the imbalance of cutting resistance. When the road milling bit rotates once, due to the poor roundness of the processed hole, the resistance is unbalanced in the second turn of cutting, and the vibration of the last time is repeated. However, the vibration phase is offset to a certain extent, resulting in the occurrence of the line lines on the hole wall. When the drilling depth reaches a certain degree, the friction between the milling drum components and the hole wall increases, the vibration attenuates, the loop disappears, and the roundness becomes better. The orifice looks funnel-shaped from the longitudinal section. For the same reason, the cutting may also appear pentagonal, heptagonal hole, etc. To eliminate this phenomenon, in addition to the control of chuck vibration, cutting edge height difference, back and blade shape asymmetry, and other factors, measures should be taken to improve the bit rigidity, increase the feed per turn, reduce back Angle, trim the transverse edge and so on.

Why do we use road milling bit

The road milling bit uses a fixed diameter tool that rotates along its axis and is inserted unidirectional (Z-axis feed) into the stationary workpiece. Traditionally, making a very accurate hole -- meaning good size, roundness, depth, and finish -- requires at least two steps, and sometimes several more. First, drill. Sometimes, when a milling drum component is drilled physically, a guide drill is used to lay the foundation for the drilling. There will be changes in the material as the milling drum components pass through the workpiece. These may be substantial inconsistencies, such as inclusions or hard patches. When hitting one of these "road bumps", the bit will tend to be slightly off-course or off course. In some applications, Mr. Fox said, "the bit can travel from 0.008 to 0.015 inches."

RUIAN FLY MACHINE PARTS CO., Ltd. has developed a variety of road milling bits, and we do a lot of tests before they leave the factory to ensure the quality. The road milling bit is not only powerful but also in large supply. If you are engaged in the road milling bit business, you may consider using our high-cost performance products.

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