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The Type and Future of Road Milling Bit

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The Type and Future of Road Milling Bit

Road milling bits are very common in our daily life. Road milling bit is a kind of rotary tool with cutting ability at the head end, generally made of materials such as 42CrMo and 40CrMo by milling or rolling, then quenched, tempered and ground processing used to drill holes in metals or other materials, and can be used in drilling machines, lathes, milling machines, hand electric drills and other tool machines.

Here is the content list:

  • Different types of Road Milling Bit

  • The present and future of Road Milling Bit

Different types of Road Milling Bit

According to the operating width of the Road milling bit, there are three types: small, medium, and large. Small-sized routers are 300~800mm wide, and the road milling bits are mostly mechanical in transmission, mainly suitable for road projects with a construction area of less than 100m2. The medium-sized planers have a milling width of 1000 to 2000 mm and the milling rotor is mostly hydraulic. The milling width of large Road milling bit is more than 2000mm, and they are generally used in conjunction with other machines to form complete sets of equipment for road regeneration and rehabilitation. The transmission method of the milling rotor is also mostly hydraulic.

The present and future of Road Milling Bit

To maintain the safety, comfort, and speed of road traffic, timely, effective, and high-quality maintenance will be the focus of daily work in the future. With the development of the economy and the strengthening of comprehensive national power, the trend of urbanization, large and medium-sized cities, and the gardening of large and medium-sized cities are becoming more and more obvious. More and more urban road reconstruction and expansion projects. In this situation, the road maintenance workdays tend to be heavy, the quality of road maintenance operations put forward higher requirements, and the modernization of mechanical maintenance operations is inevitable. In the market outlook, market demand is strong, and the era of road maintenance equipment development has arrived. The road milling bit can be used for the drilling of more complex materials, and a higher cutting speed can be selected to effectively reduce chipping and maintain good wear resistance. Through the rotation and descent of the drill bit, the extruded part of the metal extends up and down along the circular hole, forming a thick wall layer three times thicker than the original metal. The entire process of the Road milling bit does not damage the structure and properties of the metal material. At the same time, the formed thick-walled layer has high resistance to force and torsion, and can directly conduct high-quality working wire material completely.

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