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The introduction of the road milling bit

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The introduction of the road milling bit

Road milling bit is common in our daily life. It is a rotary tool with cutting ability at the head end, generally made of 42CrMo and 40CrMo and other materials by milling or rolling and then quenching, tempering, and grinding, used for drilling on metal or other materials, can be used in drilling machines, lathes, milling machines, hand electric drill and other tool machines. Let's hear about the road milling bit.

Here is the content list:

l What kind of drill bits are fast and wear well?

l How to select a road milling bit?

l what is the Road milling block system?

What kind of drill bits are fast and wear well?

The cutting edge should be flat with the surface of the grinding wheel. Before grinding the bit, the main cutting edge of the bit and the grinding wheel face must be placed on a horizontal surface. That is, when the blade touches the surface of the grinding wheel, the entire blade must be ground. This is the first step in the position of the bit relative to the grinding wheel. The position is placed slowly towards the grinding wheel face. The axis of the road milling bit must be inclined 60° from the surface of the grinding wheel. This Angle is the front Angle of the bit. If the Angle is wrong, it will directly affect the size of the tip Angle of the bit, the shape of the main cutting edge, and the inclination angle of the transverse edge. After the cutting edge touches the grinding wheel, grind back from the main cutting edge, that is, from the cutting edge of road milling bit to touch the grinding wheel, and then grind slowly down the whole back surface. This is a standard bit grinding action. The main cutting edge should swing up and down on the grinding wheel. That is, the hand holding the front bit should swing the hyperbolic cosine of the bit evenly up and down on the surface of the grinding wheel.

How to select a road milling bit?

Of course, the road milling bit can also be made white by fine grinding. The reason why it is high quality is that in addition to the material itself, the quality control in the grinding process is very strict. There will be no burns on the surface of the cutting tool. Black is a nitridated drill bit, which is a chemical method to improve the tool durability by placing the finished tool in a mixture of ammonia and water vapor and heat preservation treatment at 540~560C°. At present, most road milling bits on the market only make the color black (to hide the burn or black skin on the surface of the cutting tool), but the actual use effect has not been effectively improved.

what is the Road milling block system?

Road milling bit system is one of the main systems of asphalt pavement maintenance and construction machinery, and road milling block system is mainly used for the excavation and renovation of asphalt concrete surface layers such as highways, urban roads, airports, and freight yards. It can also be used to remove defects such as pavement wrap, oil wave, net grain, rutting, and so on. Road milling block system can also be used to excavate pavement pits and grooves, as well as the milling and leveling of cement road surface drawing and surface layer wrong platform.

RUIAN FLY MACHINE PARTS CO., Ltd. has developed a variety of road milling bits, and we do a lot of tests before they leave the factory to ensure the quality. The road milling bit is not only powerful but also in large supply. If you are engaged in the road milling bit business, you may consider using our high-cost performance products.

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