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The use of Road Milling Bit and some phenomena

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The use of Road Milling Bit and some phenomena

Road milling bits, also known as asphalt and concrete cutting bits, road planning cut-off teeth, and road milling machine cutter teeth, are used as wear-resistant parts of the milling machine in road construction. Today we are going to learn more about road milling bits.

Here is the content list:

  • Definition and role of road milling bits

  • Some of the problems and causes that may occur when using Road Milling Bit

Definition and role of road milling bits

Road milling bits are usually reserved for small steel parts, such as hand tools, small parts, small nozzles, drill bits, or other downhole tools, and the residue of milling operations. Road milling bits are making life easier and easier. When a road milling bit is in operation, the bit rotates with the vertical axis while making axial movements. The soil is cut by the torque and axial force of the drill bit and crushed by the squeezing and centrifugal force of the working blade, forming a soil flow pressure against the pit wall and rising to the surface with the paper sheet. When the soil flow moves to the barrier without the pit wall, the centrifugally broken soil is thrown to the perimeter of the pit and the excavation process is completed. Road milling bits are installed in the milling drum of a milling machine to cut the road surface. There are two types of drills, asphalt drills, and concrete drills. Different bits are used for different pavement hardness to save costs. Pavement milling bits are used for general pavement grinding, to maintain the stability of the ground, and to cut asphalt and concrete efficiently. Road milling bits are mainly used in projects related to drilling and excavation, such as construction foundations, bridges, and road construction.

Some of the problems and causes that may occur when using Road Milling Bit

1. The road milling bit may suddenly break or suddenly stop while drilling, which may be caused by cutting too fast, sharpening too fast, or sharp heat while drilling.

2. The hole is drilled so that the center of the road milling bit cracks, which may be caused by too small clearance angle of the drill lip, too fast feeding, passivation of the road milling bit, excessive pressure, insufficient cooling, poor clamping of the bit or the workpiece.

3、Cracking of the road milling bit in the drilling process. It is possible that the back angle of the drill lip is too small or the drilling speed is too high, the large feed or the road milling bit has passivated and continues to press cut.

4、Breakage of the drilling lip and cutting edge may be caused by too fast feeding or too small a rear angle of the drilling lip.

5、Only one chip is discharged when drilling, which may be caused by the unequal length of the two cutting edges or the unequal half angle of the drill tip.

6、The "squeaking" sound when drilling may be caused by the hole not being straight or the road milling bit being blunt.

7、The abnormal change in chip performance during the drilling process may be caused by the passivation or fracture of the cutting edge.

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