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What are grader scarifier bits?

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What are grader scarifier bits?

The grader scarifier has a replaceable working device with crushing and loosening functions. It is divided into ripper for excavator and ripper for bulldozer. The grader scarifier for the excavator is also called a bucket hook, and the grader scarifier for the bulldozer is also called a tailhook. It is generally single-tooth, but also two-tooth or three-tooth, which has strong digging cutting force. It is used for excavating cracked rocks, breaking frozen soil, and also for digging asphalt roads. It is suitable for the crushing and splitting of hard soil, sub-hard stone, and weathered stone, so as to facilitate excavation and loading operations with a bucket.

Here is the content list:

l The working principle of the grader ripper

l The using method of grader scarifier bits

l The maintenance of grader scarifier bits

The working principle of the grader ripper

The grader scarifier is a passive traction working device, which is generally installed on the rear frame of self-propelled types of machinery such as graders, bulldozers, or tractors. At present, there are mainly two types of rippers on the market, one is a simple rocker mechanism, and the other is a parallelogram mechanism.

The grader scarifier is mainly composed of the main body of the ripper, the oil cylinder, the grader scarifier bit, and the hydraulic pipeline. When working, under the traction of the main engine and the action of the hydraulic cylinder, the grader scarifier teeth are gradually pressed down to a certain depth of soil under the ground, and then move forward with the host to loosen the soil. At the end of the work, the grader scarifier is lifted off the ground by the oil cylinder.

The using method of grader scarifier bits

1. The grader scarifier bits should be packed in a special packaging box to avoid vibration and collision.

2. When using, take out the grader scarifier bits from the packing box and install them into the spring chuck of the spindle or automatically replace the grader scarifier bits in the tool magazine. Put it back in the box immediately after use.

3. For the diameter of grader scarifier bits, use a non-contact measuring instrument such as a tool microscope to prevent the cutting edge from contacting with the mechanical measuring instrument and being bumped.

4. Some CNC drilling machines use positioning rings. Some CNC drilling machines do not use positioning rings. If positioning rings are used, the depth positioning during installation must be accurate. If positioning rings are not used, the degree of elongation of the grader scarifier bits installed on the spindle must be accurate. To adjust the same, a multi-spindle drilling machine should pay more attention to this point. The drilling depth of each spindle must be the same. If they are inconsistent, it may cause the grader scarifier bits to drill to the table or fail to drill through the circuit board, resulting in scrap.

5. In normal times, a 40x stereo microscope can be used to check the wear of the cutting edge of the grader scarifier bits.

6. Always check the concentricity of the spindle and the collet chuck and the clamping force of the collet chuck. Poor concentricity will cause small diameter grader scarifier bits to break drills and large apertures. Poor clamping force will cause actual rotation speed does not to match the set rotation speed and slip between the chuck and the drill.

7. The dust suction effect of the drill press is better. The dust suction air can reduce the temperature of the grader scarifier bits. The colleagues take away the dust to reduce friction and generate high temperatures.

The maintenance of grader scarifier bits

After the grader scarifier bits are used, they should be immediately checked for damage, passivation, and other bad conditions, and should be polished and trimmed immediately. When storing, the grader scarifier bits should be seated. It is convenient and time-saving when fetching in the future, saving the time of searching for grader scarifier bits again. When drilling through holes, when the grader scarifier bits are about to be drilled through, the torque is maximum, so at this time, lighter pressure is required to advance slowly to prevent the grader scarifier bits from twisting due to excessive force.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce industrial grader scarifier bits that meet the standards, so as to ensure the healthy development of the grader scarifier bits market. RUIAN FLY MACHINE PARTS CO., Ltd. conducts many tests on the grader scarifier bits before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the grader scarifier bits business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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