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What is Trenching Bits

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What is Trenching Bits

diamond-trenching system - How it works. Our machine are exclusively made for diamond trenching and have an average rotating speed of 900 rpm compared to machines with carbide teeth that rotates with around 200 rpm. The diamond blade cuts right through and pulverize any obstacles. The advantages of that is a monotonous cut with straight standing walls and a very even cut. Augers & Trenchers - Excavator attachments for digging and trenching .Chain Trencher Attachments: Suitable for mini excavators from 3t minimum (i.e will not work on 2.5 or 2.8 tonne machines) to 10t and also skid steer loaders. These trenching attachments are powered by the auxiliary hydraulic circuit. More powerful than pedestrian operated 'dedicated' trenchers and cheaper than most self-propelled trenchers. Digging and Trenching Buckets for Excavators - These buckets are suitable for all general digging and trenching applications, narrow buckets tend to be used for cables and pipe trenches (for utility services) whilst wider buckets are either matched to the widths of foundations or are otherwise used for maximum digging capacity for excavation and loading of material.

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