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What is the road milling bit?

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What is the road milling bit?

Road milling bit is installed in milling drum of milling machine and cut the road surface. The bits have two types, asphalt bits, and concrete bits. According to the different road hardness with different bits, so it saves cost. The bit is never stopping working and that making use of the top of tungsten carbide to milling the road. The following is about the introduction of the road milling bit.

Here is the content list:

l Road milling bit main role?

l Principle of the road milling bit

l Development prospects for road milling bit

Road milling bit main role?

Road milling bit is mainly used to deal with the concrete ground, before the concrete ground is respread concrete, clean up the cement floating slurry and leveling the hair, Road milling bit also used to clean up the hard ash in the construction of the building. Application fields of Rugong concrete milling planer: the surface milling and grinding of the box girder of high-speed railway, the milling and leveling processing of the base plate in the ultra-high region; Cement concrete bridge deck surface waterproof layer cutting treatment; All kinds of road renovation chisel hair processing.

Principle of the road milling bit

The main structure and working principle of Road milling bit: General milling planer by the engine, frame, milling rotor, milling depth adjustment device, hydraulic components, aggregate conveying device, steering system, and brake system, etc. The milling rotor is the main working part of the road milling bit, it is composed of a milling rotor shaft, cutter seat, and cutter head, direct contact with the road surface, through its high-speed rotating milling cutter work to achieve the purpose of milling. The milling machine is equipped with an automatic leveling device, which takes the milling rotor side cover as the milling datum, and controls two positioning hydraulic cylinders to keep the given milling depth constant. Road milling bits’ hydraulic system is used to drive milling rotor rotation, machine walking, auxiliary device work, etc., is generally a closed hydraulic system with multiple pumps independent of each other, work without interference and high reliability; Some milling machine according to the need to install tilt adjuster, used to control the tilt of the rotor; General large milling machine is composed of conveyor belt and collector aggregate conveying device, it can be milling out of the bulk material concentration and transfer to the random walking vehicle, the height of the conveying arm can be adjusted and swing around, to adjust the unloading position. Milling machine specifications, models at the same time, its structure, the layout of road milling bit is also slightly different, but the basic working principle of road milling bit is the same or similar. Milling machine power transmission line: engine, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, working device.

Development prospects for Road milling bit

To maintain the safety, comfort, and speed of road traffic, timely, effective, and high-quality maintenance will be the focus of daily work in the future. With the development of China's economy and the enhancement of its comprehensive national strength, the trend of urbanization of towns and towns, large and medium-sized cities, and the garden of large and medium-sized cities is becoming increasingly obvious. There are more and more urban road reconstruction and expansion projects. In this situation, the road maintenance work has become increasingly heavy, put forward higher requirements for the quality of road maintenance operations, modern mechanical maintenance operations are imperative. In the situation of promising market prospects and strong market demand, the era of great development of pavement maintenance equipment has come. As one of the essential equipment for road mechanization maintenance, asphalt pavement milling road milling bits will have a growing demand.

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