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Wheel trencher bit anti-rotation technology

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Wheel trencher bit anti-rotation technology

During the drilling process of the wheel trencher bit, if the bit whirling occurs, it will cause unbalanced vibration of the drill bit at the bottom of the well, which in turn causes the wheel trencher bit to have unbalanced cutting motion or swing. When the cutting teeth of the drill bit touch the good wall, the cutting teeth can be damaged, the drill bit will be worn at an accelerated rate, and the integrity of the core will also be damaged, causing the problem of core plugging, resulting in a significant reduction in core quality. By analyzing the principle of drill bit rotation, during the drilling process, the strength of the drill bit will be enhanced and the stability of the drilling process will be improved. Then what is the anti-rotation technology of wheel trencher bit? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content list:

l Apply a near-bit helical centralizer

l Gauge structure with low frictional resistance

l Track tooth arrangement

l Force balance design


Apply a near-bit helical centralizer

Compared with the wheel trencher bit, the outer diameter of the centralizer is relatively small. During the drilling process, the application of the centralizer can limit the lateral movement of the drill bit, thereby reducing the vibration of the drill bit. However, during the drilling process, if the centralizer is used, the centralizer can move axially, and there is a certain gap between it and the good wall. The diameter of the wellbore is increasing, aggravating the gyration phenomenon. Through relevant theoretical research and practical analysis, by applying the drill bit centralizer, the lateral vibration of the drill bit can be well controlled, and the gyration force of the drill bit can also be effectively reduced.

Gauge structure with low frictional resistance

In the practical application of low friction resistance technology, one or more. A gauge block that does not produce cutting action and has a relatively small frictional force, to balance the unbalanced cutting force formed by the cutting piece. The friction resistance of the gauge block is relatively small, and the friction between it and the good wall is relatively small, so the wheel trencher bit can slide on the good wall and avoid rolling. If the width of the gauge block is relatively large, the unbalanced cutting force can have a large directional change to avoid the drill bit turning.

Track tooth arrangement

Orbital tooth distribution refers to distributing all or part of the cutting teeth on the concentric rings on the end face of the drill crown according to the actual situation. Between each concentric ring, the overlap coefficient ratio of the cutting teeth is smaller. By applying the orbital tooth distribution method, it can ensure that an uneven bottom hole is formed during the drilling process, and a formation rock bulge annular belt can be formed between adjacent concentric rings. During the rotation of the drill bit, if the drilling rotation center is offset, when the cutting tooth pile foundation reaches the raised annular belt, a force opposite to the offset direction can be formed, which improves the stability of the drill bit and enables the drill bit to return to normal as much as possible. The stabilizing force generated by the raised annular belt is perpendicular to the plane of the drill bit axis, and at the same time, the stabilizing force is closely related to the depth of cut and the distribution position of the concentric circles of the cutting teeth.

Force balance design

During the drilling process, the wheel trencher bit cutting teeth will need to bear a variety of forces, including axial force, radial force, tangential force, bending moment, and so on. The design parameters of the bit, the strength of the formation structure, and the drilling parameters can have a great influence on the magnitude and direction of various forces, and the design parameters of the bit include cutter rake angle, side inclination angle, radial distribution form, axial distribution form, cutting area, etc. There is a proportional relationship between the vectors of various forces and the static unbalanced force perpendicular to the center axis plane of the drill bit and the weight on the bit, which can cause the Auger bits to rotate away from the geometric center. For this, the unbalance force can be calculated and analyzed by a computer. Minimize unbalanced forces as much as possible.

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