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Working principle and application scenarios of the Road Milling Bit

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Working principle and application scenarios of the Road Milling Bit

Road Milling Bits are installed in the milling drum of a milling machine to cut the pavement. There are two types of drills, asphalt drills, and concrete drills. Different Road Milling Bits are used for different pavement hardness to save costs.

Here is the content list:

  • The main structure and working principle of road milling drill

  • Application Scenarios of Road Milling Bit

The main structure and working principle of road milling drill

Ordinary Road Milling Bits are composed of engine, frame, milling rotor, milling depth adjustment device, hydraulic components, aggregate conveying device, steering system, braking system, etc. The milling rotor is the main working part of the road milling drill, it is composed of the milling rotor shaft, tool holder, and tool head, which is in direct contact with the road and works through its high-speed rotating milling tool to achieve the purpose of milling. The milling machine is equipped with an automatic leveling device, which uses the side cover of the milling rotor as the milling reference and controls two positioning hydraulic cylinders to keep the given milling depth constant.

The hydraulic system of the road milling drill is used to drive the rotation of the milling rotor, machine travel, auxiliary devices, etc., generally closed hydraulic system, multiple pumps independent of each other, work without interference, and high reliability; some milling machines are installed according to the need for tilt regulator, used to control the tilt of the rotor; general large crusher consists of conveyor belt and aggregate transfer device, which can concentrate the bulk material crushed and transferred to the random travel The height of the conveyor's arm can be adjusted, swinging from side to side to adjust the discharge position. Milling machine specifications, models at the same time, structure, and the layout of the Road Milling Bit are also slightly different, but the basic working principle of the road milling drill is the same or similar. Milling machine power transmission line: engine, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder.

Application Scenarios of Road Milling Bit

Road Milling Bit is one of the main systems of asphalt pavement maintenance construction machinery, road milling system is mainly used for excavation and renovation of asphalt concrete surface of highways, city roads, airports, freight yards, etc. It can also be used to remove the road surface cladding, oil waves, netting, rutting, and other defects. Road Milling Bit block system can also be used for excavation of road surface potholes, as well as milling and leveling of concrete road surface bridging and surface misalignment.

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