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Working principles and a working problem of trenching bit

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Working principles and a working problem of trenching bit

Trenching bits are mainly used for crushing mining roads and rocky roads. The trenching bit is commonly used in chain trenchers, surface mining machines, wheeled trenchers, demolition attachments, and horizontal directional drilling machines.

Here is the content list:

  • Problems and solutions of drill bit spin flow

  • A working principle of the trenching bit

Problems and solutions of drill bit spin flow

During the operation of a trenching bit, if bit spin occurs, it can cause unbalanced vibration of the bit at the bottom of the well, which in turn can lead to unbalanced cutting motion or oscillation of the wheeled trencher bit. This may cause the cutting teeth to be damaged, the bit to wear faster and the integrity of the core to be destroyed. How can such problems be solved?

The first step is to apply a low frictional resistance to the mass block construction. A non-cutting action, a measuring block with lower friction, is used to balance the unbalanced cutting forces formed by the cutting piece. The frictional resistance of the measuring block is relatively low and the friction with the good wall is relatively low, so the wheeled gouge bit can slide on the good wall and avoid rolling.

Next is track tooth arrangement. Track tooth arrangement means that all or part of the cutting teeth is distributed on the concentric rings on the end face of the drill crown according to the actual situation. In the process of drill bit rotation, if the center of drill hole rotation is offset, when the pile base of cutting teeth reaches the raised annulus, a force in the opposite direction of the offset is formed, which improves the stability of the drill bit and makes the drill bit return to normal as much as possible.

Finally, the force balance design is carried out. In the drilling process, the cutting teeth of the wheeled trencher bit need to withstand a variety of forces. The design parameters of the drill bit, the strength of the stratigraphic structure, and the drilling parameters have a great influence on the magnitude and direction of the various forces. The vector of each force is proportional to the static unbalanced force perpendicular to the center axis plane of the drill and the weight on the drill, which will cause the spiral drill to rotate far from the geometric center. For this purpose, the unbalance forces can be calculated and analyzed using a calculator. The unbalanced forces can be reduced as much as possible.

A working principle of the trenching bit

From the observation of the well bottom morphology of the wheeled trencher bit, it can be seen that the wheeled trencher bit has two main characteristics for cutting rock: the interaction between the cutting teeth and the rock is a non-parallel scraping cutting process; the well bottom forms rough "scratches", which enable the tool to penetrate the rock naturally. Due to the presence of the bent screw elasticity angle θt, the center of the drill bit deviates from the center of the wellbore, and the depth of entry is large on one side of the drill bit and small on the other. At the same time, the PDC tool is not fully involved in scraping and cutting the rock. Therefore, the drill bit will form uneven and intersecting "scratches" at the bottom of the hole, which is conducive to reducing the compaction effect in the slightly convex area of the rock at the bottom of the well and reducing the local compressive strength of the drilled hole.

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