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About Forestry & Mulcher Teeth species

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About Forestry & Mulcher Teeth species

Forestry is a production department that protects the ecological environment and maintains the ecological balance, nurtures and protects forests to obtain wood and other forest products. Uses the natural characteristics of trees to play a protective role, and is one of the important components of the national economy. Forestry in the human and biosphere, through advanced science and technology and management, means, engaged in the cultivation, protection, and utilization of forest resources. Giving full play to the forest benefits. And sustainable management of forest resources promotes the coordinated development of population, economy, society, environment, and resources of the basic industry and social public welfare undertakings. In our forestry, we usually use a variety of forestry tools. Such as forestry cover machines, forestry tooth protection, cutting teeth,Forestry & Mulcher Teeth , and so on. Today I'm going to talk about Forestry & Mulcher Teeth  .

Here is the list of contents:

In forestry tooth guards, there are two kinds of Forestry & Mulcher Teeth. There are "blunt teeth" and "sharp teeth", both of which are widely used in forestry.

Blunt teeth of any kind in Forestry & Mulcher Teeth

Blunt teeth, it is also named the hammer. Using it is usually more energy-consuming, time-consuming, production materials.

The disadvantage is that it can leave a 'cracked' unflattering appearance. It is made of hard alloys and costs between $75 and $100.

The advantage is that we usually don't have to maintain it when we use it, and it can withstand contact with the ground. Depending on its material, the type and thickness of the blunt teeth can be so large and solid that they can be hit without damage.

The sharp teeth of Forestry & Mulcher Teeth

Sharp forest tooth guard material is generally made of steel and can be widely used in forestry cutting or cutting wood.


This type of forest tooth guard does not damage the cover after the job is done. And some sharp teeth can be twisted and turned to provide new edges. If it needs to be replaced after production, it is usually cheaper, costing less than $25.

When we need to use this product, we need to pay attention to keeping the screw tight. If the forestry guard can swing within the support, it will wear the support when we apply it to production work. At the same time, it may be launched from the forest mulcher and cause damage to the forest mulch.

If you need Forestry & Mulcher Teeth, I recommend the Forestry Mulcher Teeth Sharpening Carbide for AHWI Machine, which is made from 42CrMo+YG11C material. The weight is 1.48KGS and the minimum order quantity is 300-500 pcs. You can also customize OEM numbers. At the same time, it has the corresponding SGS/ISO9001 certificate recognition. Its packaging is 12PCS/BUCKET 64BUCKETS/48BUCKETS/27BUCKETS per PALLET.

In the end,If you would like to learn more about the variety of forest tooth guards available and search for more information about them, you can follow our website at

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