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C4/U43H Block Kennametal Holder With 30mm for Drilling Concrete Rock

  • C4/U43H HOLDER

  • FLY

  • 8431499900

  • 42CrMo


Block Kennametal Holder

Rock drilling bit holder, can fit 30mm rock drilling bit and use the compression force of high-torque drill to hold rock hardly under low torque work, to ensure the stability when drilling, reduce working pressures.


C4/U43H Block 

Weight:   0.80KGS

Application:   use on medium to high horse-power machines

MOQ:    300-500PCS

Package info:

100PCS/ Bucket |  64 Buckets/ 48 Buckets/ 27 Buckets

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Accepts our C31, C31HD, C32, U40HD, AUC40KH and CH31SR, C31FSRHD, and C34FSR cutting tools.

All blocks are easily welded with a 7018 or 8018 low-hydrogen rod or equivalent wire.

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