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Description of the characteristics of Forestry & Mulcher Teeth

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Description of the characteristics of Forestry & Mulcher Teeth

A forestry mower is a heavy piece of machinery that clears land by cutting, grinding, and removing plant growth. This process is often referred to as "forest mowing" or "forest mulching". This process is commonly used to manage woody vegetation and debris, as it is a very efficient and quick land-clearing process. People used to clear the land using traditional hand-cutting or burning systems, but the process was slow and time-consuming. Bulldozers are sometimes used in this process, but heavy bulldozers leave the soil bare and susceptible to corrosion. Classic forestry mowers can be used for a variety of applications, such as land clearing, vegetation management, invasive species removal, wildfire prevention, and seismic material removal. Different Forestry & Mulcher Teeth also have different properties.

Here is the list of contents:

About the Material performance of Forestry & Mulcher Teeth

In our forestry, we usually use Forestry & Mulcher Teeth, so what kind of Forestry & Mulcher Teeth should we choose? Today, I will recommend NOKAMIC Forestry Mulcher Teeth with carbide For Tree Removal Machine to you. It is 0.6 kg in weight.

This product is made of 42CrMo+YG11C material.42CrMois alloy steel, its main performance is high strength, low-temperature toughness, impact toughness, fatigue resistance, hardenability, etc.

YG11C material is another kind of tungsten-cobalt material. It is a coarse-grain tungsten carbide alloy. At the same time, the wear resistance is better than YG15, so the strength is slightly higher than YG15. YG11C has a large load of the top forging die and stamping die, such as screws, rivets, etc. Used for large batch production. It is suitable for making cold heading, cold punching, and cold pressing die for making standard parts and bearings.

Material notes on Forestry & Mulcher Teeth

About 42CrMo characteristics and application: 42CrMo steel belongs to ultra-high-strength steel, with high strength and toughness, hardenability is also good, no obvious tempering brittleness, quenching deformation is small, tempering treatment after higher fatigue limit and resistance to multiple impacts, low-temperature impact toughness is good, high temperature when creep strength and lasting strength. Generally used after tempering, can replace the high nickel tempering steel. Surface quenching after tempering is usually used as the heat treatment of the steel.

It is used to manufacture important parts with higher requirements or larger section sizes than 35CrMo steel, such as big gear for locomotive traction, turbocharger transmission gear, rear shaft, transmission gear, engine cylinder, connecting rod with great load, spring clamp, and drill pipe joints and fishing tools for 1200~2000m deep oil Wells. The steel is also suitable for manufacturing large and medium plastic molds requiring certain strength and toughness.

42CrMo steel can obtain a wide range of properties through a variety of heating methods. 42CrMo steel is resistant to creep at 538°C (1000°F) and maintains its properties even after prolonged exposure at relatively high operating temperatures

42CrMo steel material has good machinability. Suitable for drilling, sawing, broaching, tapping, milling, and other processing.

But 42CrMo steel is not easy to weld. 42CrMo steel is not recommended for welding in the quenched tempering (QT) state. Because it will change the mechanical properties of 42CrMo steel in the welding heat-affected zone. Under annealed conditions, 42CrMo steel is allowed to be welded. However, if the 42CrMo steel needs to be welded in the quench tempering state, the workpiece must be cooled immediately and the stress removed at 15 ° C below the original tempering temperature.

So there are quite a few advantages to using 42CrMo+YG11C for our products. If you want to know more about Forestry & Mulcher Teeth, you can check out our website

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